Before the order is carried out, the client’s demand is shaped by factual conversation, e-mail correspondence or sometimes visits. We offer to you verification of submitted project, sketch and technical consulting as well as propose of own conceptual assumptions. We approach each order individually and understand the needs of the recipient. The orders are supervised by specialists and implemented by production specialists in their field. Products ready for the customer are subject to quality inspection, then they are sent for logistic implementation, with the option of shipping at the request of the customer.


Our services are based on the initial machining and plastic processes according to the adopted manufacturing technology.

Most of the work is done mechanically, using power tools or workshop equipment, while complex details can be machined manually.

The most common treatments used by us to obtain the final product outline are:

cutting, grinding, polishing, drilling, twisting,

and at the client’s request metal protective coating:

metallization e.g. galvanization / zinc fire protection and painting.


We carry out the activities reliably and accurately so that the final product stands for customer’s requirements in which case customer would recommend our services more likely.


In metal joining, we specialize in TIG welding

in an inert gas shielded with argon (Ar).

It allows us to weld almost all metals with better weld quality than when using a traditional MIG electrode.

We strive to meet a variety of steel robots and structures that require a welded joint.

Welding is our main service and gives the final shape to a product commissioned in our company. We have welders and welding equipment with accessories ready for mobile trips on the construction site or client’s facilities.

We are very flexible with providing our services, unlike most service providers, our activities will pay off in long-term cooperation.


We have a delivery van with an open box, 5.5m long, and a van transporter.

It is possible to use our transport services of ordered products by customers on the agreed conditions in terms of dimensions, structure, elements or delivery distance.

We also support forwarding and courier shipments, which are also popular among recipients.

Products can also be picked up personally from our warehouse and we help load goods with a forklift truck.